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Tips to better work with video advertising within Twitter

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Tips to better work with video advertising within Twitter

Video advertising can be very profitable for many brands, therefore, it is not surprising to see figures such as those presented by Renderforest that highlight that 4.6 billion video ads are consumed each year. However, as might be expected, not all of those consumed ads manage to serve their purpose. In spaces like Twitter, although video advertising can be effective since the video is relevant and fast within the platform, it is also possible that brands experience difficulties, therefore, in this post, we will focus on the platform and provide you with We will share some recommendations to better work with video advertising within Twitter. How to best work with video advertising within Twitter? Working with video advertising within Twitter may seem like an easy task thanks to how intuitive these advertising platforms are now, however, if you want to improve results, the Marketo firm proposes to pay attention to the following recommendations to manage this section: As a recommended first step to execute to better manage video advertising within Twitter, this point stands out since users of mobile devices and desktop devices cannot or want to go around taking the trouble of activating the sound of the ads to hear the message.

Therefore, it is better to capture their attention with visual elements, designing videos that reflect the motivations and characters in a practically obvious way, it is also worth using remarkable designs and an identifiable branding as well as subtitles. If a video, especially one that is part of an ad on the platform, requires the user to click to get audio, there is a high probability that the message will never be heard. Video can be a very powerful tool, audio is not required if you have a good combination of images and texts to capture the consumer’s attention and develop engagement. The main thing in videos and advertising with them is the visual content, the Iceland Mobile Database audio can take a backseat in most cases. The fact that people can identify themselves can greatly enhance the results generated by video advertising within Twitter and within any other social platform, therefore, it is also advisable to generate good characters as part of the content. Remember that people like other people, especially when they can be seen reflected in their shoes. With that in mind, consider targeting demographically well-defined audiences (in terms of age, race, hobbies, location) and designing ads that appeal to these particular audiences. In the different media, it is possible to observe multiple campaigns that use the generation of identifiable characters or situations to promote their messages,

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For example, during the 2018 elections in the US Levi’s made a campaign highlighting citizens of different cultures and beliefs who visited the polls across the country. With this, transmit the message of diversity and unity. As a third recommendation to work better with video advertising within Twitter, it is worth heeding the popular phrase “Go big or go home”, that is, go big. However, to apply it does not mean that you have to throw the house out the window in a matter of budget. Now we explain what this point is about. Because consumers view video ads primarily from the small screens of mobile devices, it pays to work with shots of a certain type of Brother Cell Phone List such as close-ups of faces, and others that take up as much of the screen as possible in featured images. to make the point of the ad more than obvious. If audience members have to take actions such as squinting to understand what they are seeing, they are likely to lose interest in the video entirely, even though this action may indicate that they are trying to focus on what they are seeing. therefore, it is advisable to use large text and graphics to capture the attention of the audience. See how oversized words on screens can instantly resonate with audience members, keeping your curiosity about the brand and what it offers.

This is what the “Go big or go home” refers to in the case of video advertising for this social network. As a penultimate recommendation for video advertising within Twitter to be better, you should consider working with hashtags. On Twitter these tags are one of the distinctive elements, thanks to the innovative use that the platform gave it is that today the symbol is more identifiable as a hashtag than as a number symbol. To implement this recommendation, the idea is to work with them intelligently, remember that they can improve the visibility of the content as long as they are used correctly, therefore, start looking for hashtags that are popular and relevant to your product and For your audience, for example, if your brand sells sportswear you could opt for relevant things like #training #Fit #Fitness #Gym or other hashtags related to the brand and the audience

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