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Tips for using social media to drive mobile traffic

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Tips for using social media to drive mobile traffic

Today, more and more users rely on mobile connections to search and obtain information online. The same is true in any industry today, as reaching users on mobile devices has become essential for any brand. The use of the desktop is decreasing, everything becomes portable. In fact, more than half of the world’s web traffic already comes from mobile devices. And certainly, for marketers, this trend poses a new challenge. While social media has accelerated the pace at which marketing is done, especially in the last 10 years, channels that were previously at the forefront of trends have seen rapid movement. As social media developed and became a new Cyprus Mobile Database trend, technology did too. This is how this need to always be connected made devices with Internet access smaller, more capable, replacing desktop computers in capital utility, since more portable alternatives took on a greater sense of importance because you can have them at the time you need, or want. As a result, users began to consume much more information through mobile devices. According to Statista, until 2016, at least 60 percent of social media content was consumed in applications for smartphones and tablets.

Meanwhile, by comparison, only 21 percent of this content was made on desktops and the remaining 10 percent on other devices the same way, the same platform tells us that global mobile video traffic has risen to 4,375,000 terabytes per month in the last three years. It is expected that by the end of this decade it could almost double to 7,225,123 terabytes. So, it is not surprising that the mobile has surpassed the fixed. Even in the amount of web traffic that originates on the global scale. If you compare the amount of content that is currently Brother Cell Phone List consumed via mobile, with what was done a decade ago, the growth is overwhelming. In the second quarter of 2018, Facebook attributed that a total of 87 percent of ad revenue was from opening messages on mobile devices. Although it should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that advertisers should see much more traffic within their websites. The reason? It all resides in the way the content is consumed: mobile devices and desktops.

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In the first, most of the ads have open, but a May bounce range. In the second, the opposite happens. Reaching customers on mobile devices does not mean expanding the brand’s advertising strategy to have the mobile ads section covered. It requires making significant adjustments to your content strategy and creating something specific that is more than mobile-friendly. Professionals should not only think about how to create social media campaigns but also how to make such material and content efficient. We live in a world where mobile phone services and data plan rents exceed fixed Internet subscriptions. However, mobile, the last point of contact in the customer journey is yet to be made. It’s hard to get customers to visit websites so they can purchase after seeing an ad. Especially on mobile devices, brands must carefully consider the right time to incentivize their customers to visit their page.

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