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Thor welcomes Deadpool to the Avengers and the gesture says a lot about the future of Marvel

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Thor welcomes Deadpool to the Avengers and the gesture says a lot about the future of Marvel

Although it is not yet clear if Deadpool could reach the Marvel Universe, the truth is that this allows Disney to keep two of its strongest brands in force. After more than a year of paperwork and adjustments, during this week the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney was made official. The acquisition is especially interesting for Denmark Mobile Database comic book fans, who could see Deadpool, X-Man, and The Avengers in the same universe. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, knows this and has had a special gesture about it. From his official Instagram account, the actor has published a peculiar welcome message to Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, referring to the closure of this denial that positions Disney in an even more privileged place among players in the entertainment field. A game that anticipates big moves?

In the peculiar message of the actor who plays the God of Thunder, there is an image of Deadpool with Thor’s helmet holding a miniature version of the superhero’s mallet, which, accompanied by the text “Our love child”.So far, the publication has hundreds of comments as well as more than 2 million 089 thousand 267 likes. The Hemsworth gesture is common since the actor usually interacts with his co-workers on social networks, which for Marvel Brother Cell Phone List has been beneficial in his career to increasing engagement with audiences. However, this post could talk about Disney’s plans to bring Fox’s great comic book franchises and characters into the world of Marvel superheroes. Disney CEO Bob Iger has mentioned in recent months the possibility of integrating franchises like Deadpool and X-Men into the Marvel universe (MCU). However, it could be a while before the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, for example, appear in the Marvel Universe.

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Iger already said that there is a place for movies like Fox’s superheroes (which are currently under the Marvel Entertainment umbrella but not produced by Disney’s Marvel Studios), but it may not be within the PG-13 universe that Disney has cultivated since its inception. R-rated movies like Deadpool will “continue,” Iger told investors in February, but the idea is to keep them separate for now. Although it is not yet clear if Deadpool and the other comic book franchises could reach the Marvel Universe in some way, the truth is that these types of actions allow Disney to keep two of its strongest brands in force that now create expectations for the future what is in store for them.

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