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The most interesting thing about the new Android Q is the logo?

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The most interesting thing about the new Android Q is the logo?

The beta version of Android Q has arrived, an update of Google’s operating system that in the voice of various specialists lacks innovation. The battle in the segment of the operating system is interesting. According to data provided by StatCounter, Google’s Android is installed in 37.93 percent of devices that connect to the Internet worldwide, surpassing the 37.91 percent that has Windows (in the versions that are still active), from Microsoft. Meanwhile, iOS, Apple with 13.09 percent, which, if we put together with 5.17 percent of OS X, takes 18.26 percent. Linux is very far behind, with 0.75 percent. Although the market is clearly dominated by Android, users Malaysia Mobile Database indeed demands constant improvements in this area, and although Google tries to satisfy this demand, the truth is that its competitors achieve updates, in most cases, significant in shorter times. As indicated by Forbes, “Google takes around 6 years to update its entire ecosystem to a new version of Android. In comparison, Apple takes about 90 days to complete this process, which means that its universe of devices is extremely consistent in terms of software and very up-to-date. As a result, Google’s competitors can copy and launch any surprising new Android innovation years before the original is in the hands of most users.

“In this context, the beta version of Android Q arrived, the update of Google’s operating system that although for the company it is a great bet, in the voice of various specialists it is a proposal that lacks innovation. Broadly speaking, the basic innovations of this update can be summarized in the following points delivered by The Verge: Device location: Gives users more control over when applications can obtain the location, even when the application is not in use (in the background). Storage: Users will be able to control application access to photo, video, and audio collections through new runtime permissions. For downloads, applications Brother Cell Phone List must use the system file selector, which allows the user to decide which download applies can access. New folding screens: Applications will be able to take better advantage of these and other large-screen devices. Changes to onResume and onPause are compatible with the multi-resume feature and notify your app when it is in focus. Connectivity, privacy, and security permissions: For Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi, the FINE location permission will be required. Standard Wi-Fi support, WP3, and OWE will also be included to enhance the security of home and work networks, as well as open/public networks

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. Added to this is a new indicator of remaining battery time (in addition to the percentage), the generation of QR codes to share the credentials of the WiFi network, new theme options for developers, a new sharing menu, as well as some others. minor adjustments and changes.The most interesting is the logo? By reading these specifications, indeed, Google is not presenting anything that developers and the consumer have not seen before. For many, this indicates that the technology giant will bet on innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, which could be favoring other services related to this technology before its operating system. That is why many were not happy with this first installment of Android Q, which presents a new logo that combines the letter Q and the number 10 (Android 10.0), which seems to have been the main generator of interest at the time. The truth is that this is the first beta delivered of six that Google has planned, with which it is expected that the final version of the new Android will be known at the end of this year.

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