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The Handyman Syndrome

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The Handyman Syndrome

I’ve labored with dozens of contractors, and with a few exceptions, they’ve all suffered from what I call the “handyman syndrome roofing contractor email list.” This condition, but, isn’t always limited to only craftsmen and tradespeople even though it’s miles in particular established in that enterprise. This is just a more particular way of illustrating E-Myth’s photograph of the 3 personalities inside a business proprietor: technician, the manager and the entrepreneur. Respectively and stated really, the do-er, the planner, and the dreamer. The handyman syndrome is a especially stark instance of ways fusion to the technician personality causes extreme enterprise issues roofing contractor email list.

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The Entrepreneurial Myth, the parable that business proprietors are entrepreneurs while in fact they are normally technicians who had “entrepreneurial seizures” is in particular exciting to use to Solopreneurs. These are folks that are in some cases so purely technician that they have not yet even had their seizure but, and consequently they’re a number of the most fused-to-technician commercial enterprise proprietors around. Their inner manager and/or entrepreneur in fact do not get a lot room for expression at all roofing contractor email list.

Many humans are glad with this and this is of direction best, but they unfortunately too frequently do no longer see the impact their technician mentality has on the other aspects of their practice whilst they may be now not pounding nails, putting tile, or framing partitions. This article will explore the effects of the technician mentality in tradespeople, specifically however not only Solopreneurs roofing contractor email list.

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