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The 3 best advertising formats you should use on Pinterest

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The 3 best advertising formats you should use on Pinterest

At the end of last year, Pinterest announced that it had reached 250 million daily active users. Although most brands and companies know that the most used social network in the world is still Facebook, as well as the fact that Instagram is gaining more and more ground or the fact that Twitter has not lost its relevance, many do not they focus on adding other formats and platform to their list. However, that Pinterest bump may give you a new place in the social media market. The visual-focused social network has come a long way from the days it started. In this way, the platform has become a creative content center for many companies, that through the bifurcation of its boards and pins dedicated to specific topics, inspiration can be obtained to make all kinds of content. Content, content, where have you gone, content? Through Pinterest, you can get multiple options to create content that can end up in important projects. On the other hand, many brands may have used the power of Pinterest at some point in their digital actions, but have already put it aside. A mistake. The truth is that advertising on the platform is still current, because, in that sense, the platform is quite new.

According to Hootsuite, there are a few big points about Pinterest that should be highlighted: The social network generates an average of 4.30 dollars in return for every dollar invested in advertising. The most successful pins are 22 percent effective in making sales. Experts predict growth in the advertising sector within the platform of at least 40 percent, which positions it as one of the fastest-growing social networks for this year. According to data from the platform itself, more than two-thirds of all the content that relaunched on this social network comes from companies and advertisers. For many digital business managers, the above points signify Finland Mobile Database as an area of ​​opportunity that can be more adequately exploited. The same happens with social network administrators, as they have a great advantage to be able to create and promote the messages of a firm by this means. Now, everything indicates that Pinterest has been quickly monetized, developing innovative post and ad formats so that brands can take advantage of it as another way to stand out just like they do on any other platform. Pinterest can be seamlessly integrated into business content. Unlike other social media sites, users predominantly prefer to follow their favorite brands and stores rather than celebrities, such as on Facebook / Instagram.

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If a proper work strategy is made, pins will be obtained that will stand out in a more convenient environment. To be successful, these are some of the best formats to use on the platform, according to data from Social When it comes to social media, convenience is everything. Pinterest has made users take inspiration and place it directly in their shopping cart, without leaving the application. According to Pinterest, 93 percent of users who visit the platform do so for the sole purpose of planning a purchase. To make the user experience as seamless as Brother Cell Phone List as possible, buyable pins might be the best bet, as they help convert leads into effective sales.E-commerce brands should use this format in a quasi-forced way, especially since users are browsing through the platform with their wallets open. With Rich Pins, social media managers have the ability to add more depth to their posts. It is a luck of the boost that Facebook offers to the posts, so it guarantees that the pins can go a long way and reach more users. If companies want a specific message or information to reach the largest audience, this option must be used.

In this way, viewers focus on what they really want to see. In this regard, different types of Rich Pins should be known before their application. Any of them can have an advertising mode covered. It is a pin format that generates a video, which is a great help to make it stand out. After all, if a lot of money and effort has already gone into producing content on other platforms, why not post variations on Pinterest? When scrolling through content, the Cinematic Pin automatically plays with a short clip that contrasts with the photos on the other pins. As with other trending video platforms, brands on Pinterest can take advantage of this feature and create unique videos that demonstrate the value of a product. With the huge purchase intention, it is normal that the Pinners can be taken advantage of. Increasingly, Pinterest is becoming a more important platform (in the advertising sense).

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