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#NoHayPeluchesMiniso, why “they escaped”: The marketing strategy that if it isn’t, it should

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#NoHayPeluchesMiniso, why “they escaped”: The marketing strategy that if it isn’t, it should

During the afternoon this Wednesday, the hashtag #NoHayPeluchesMiniso occupied the first places within the trends of Twitter in Mexico. During the afternoon this Wednesday, the hashtag #NoHayPeluchesMiniso occupied the first places within the trends of Twitter in Mexico. Users question the brand about what happened to one of its most emblematic products after various points of sale are seen with empty shelves due to the lack of recognized stuffed animals. The mystery about what happened to the stuffed animals of the Miniso Hong-Kong Mobile Database store chain now occupies an important part of the conversations of Mexicans on social networks, with an interesting scope. According to Tweetreach measurements, the hashtag #NoHayPeluchesMiniso has generated with only the last 100 tweets a reach of 1 million 187 thousand 649 impressions reaching just over 991 thousand 482 accounts. The reports about the sudden disappearance of the stuffed animals in Miniso began a few hours ago; However, they gained relevance after the YouTuber Maire Wink (who has 321 thousand followers on Twitter and 1 million 795 thousand 632 subscribers on her YouTube channel) echoed the “mysterious” disappearance.

The comments and demands on the brand to solve the mystery have gained strength both in quantity and quantity, while the brand has only limited itself to justifying the disappearance of its stuffed animals by arguing that “they have escaped.”Beyond what can be seen on social networks, the truth is that the event paints to be an interesting marketing strategy, which echoes the main product with which Miniso conquered Mexicans. Without knowing with Brother Cell Phone List certainty what the brand is up to (it can be from a launch to the opening of a new point of sale), the reality is that the conversation offers many elements that correspond to a promotional strategy, which if not is, it should be because of these points: Although Miniso is a chain with diverse products, stuffed animals are an emblematic item that especially attracts the attention of buyers. Data from the company itself indicate that the product that is sold the most is stuffed animals. Approximately, customers purchase 5,400 plush toys per day at all stores and it represents 8 percent of our total sales.

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Within the conversation, the contributions made by YouTuber Maire Wink have given special relevance to the brand, which, although it is questioned by the apparent lack of a product, is not the focus of criticism in a negative sense. The image of this influencer softens the situation and generates empathy with the users who have taken the fact with humor, waiting for a strong response from the brand. The expectation is a great asset that the brand can now capitalize on. Although the action began with the interest of the central target audience for the brand, gaining relevance indeed puts the firm in the eyes of other people who are not necessarily its primary audience. This exhibition gives the brand the possibility of conquering other people who are not necessarily interested in stuffed animals, but who may well find solutions to their needs thanks to the broad portfolio of the firm.

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