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Living in The Gambia

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Living in The Gambia

I enjoy journeying around West Africa, particularly round culturally rich areas blending nature with modern-day infrastructural developments list of ghana phone numbers. Both my air and avenue travels round this ECOWAS subregion inside the final 15 years has been both instructive and enriching for me. I have been culturally immersed with diversity in languages, faith, subculture, meals, structure, climate, financial existence, flora and fauna.

The expertise obtained, can not be quantified in monetary terms, and i’m able to suggest this instructional tours to our youths to enable them recognize and tolerate other cultures, consequently reducing conflicts and disputes amongst neighboring nations. Somewhere else, i’ve written and held numerous seminars on running and living in Ghana about eleven years in the past.

Ghana Phone Number List

Today, the success tale of Ghana is obvious to all and this u . S . Ghana, has emerged as one of the satisfactory economies inside the subregion. Again, i’m introducing some other emerging exquisite economic system to you, The Gambia.

Before the whole international flood right here, and you may be not noted, why no longer take my suggest critically and make investments, work, live or vacation on this stunning u . S . A . To revel in what I’m speaking about? I love this peaceful united states blessed with hospitable human beings. Gambians welcome you with natural inspiring smiles. The Gambia is bounded spherical through an historic river, wealthy in natural resources of sea ingredients, animals and recovery powers. Welcome to The Gambia, the smiling coast of West Africa list of ghana phone numbers.

From the natural beauty of Makasutu Village, historic websites of Kunta Kinteh village, James Island, Kachikally Crocodile pool, Kanilai Farm, and so many different web sites to the seashores and people, you may hardly need to go away list of ghana phone numbers. Little surprise, there are so many repeat tourists coming to The Gambia for the past 10-15 years that I’ve met. They come from throughout Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. At the beach, the splendor of the Sea, the sand and sun will remind you of Mother Africa.

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How approximately the investment climate, very favorable and investor friendly.With a strong economy with a unmarried digit inflation rate and currency exchange of US$1.Zero= GMD26 (As at ninth April, 2010). The Gambia is a multicultural us of a with numerous immigrants from West Africa, Europe, America, Middle East and Asia completely dwelling as buyers, operating with numerous NGOs, a few retired investors whilst many others are engaged in importation organizations and owned numerous purchasing department stores list of ghana phone numbers.The Gambia is domestic to traders, volunteers, specialists pursuing their profession, and holiday makers who has made this non violent u . S . A . Their vacation spot. Welcome to The Gambia, where there may be no discrimination based totally on faith, creed, colour, race, gender, social status, incapacity and with 0 tolerance to corruption. Read on! Alsamadeh!

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