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Living in The Gambia

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Living in The Gambia

The predominant markets are in Banjul, Serrekunda and Brikama benin mobile numbers. Here, you may keep for staple ingredients like fish, meat, veggies, clothings, jeweleries and fashion add-ons. The locals welcome human beings with natural smiles after replacing the non secular greetings: “Asalamalekun”, meaning, peace be unto you. Traditionally, Gambian women go to marketplace each day to shop for what to cook dinner.They can be visible with the plastic baskets with holders thronging to the busy markets to shop for fresh fish, meat, veggies and take time to greet every different asking after every others’ families, family members and get up to date about modern-day social events and different girls gossips. Some of the elites, but, prefer to keep in buying department stores round Kairaba Avenue, and purchase ingredients in big portions to store at domestic.

Mini-markets, or what a few call supermarkets are everywhere in the Greater Banjul place competing with the conventional markets. There also are the neighborhood shops, called “Fulah Shops”, owned by and large with the aid of Mauritanian residents and in a few cases with the aid of Guineans. This is the place to get the regionally made bread called, “Tapalapa”. This is mostly a lengthy banana formed clay oven baked bread that is usually transported on bicycles with the aid of the suppliers early inside the morning, mid-day and sunset time. I choose shopping for this, whilst fresh, it’s tender and more attractive than the stale hardened and uninviting ones. A complete one goes for D5 and the half is D2.50. The bread is generally bought with a pleasing unfold of butter, mayonnaises, egg, potato and spiced with jumbo or Maggi sauce relying at the purchaser’s options.

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There is likewise “Senfu”, which has a crumb nature and much inexpensive, being offered for D3 for a full roll benin mobile numbers. However, i observed the “Senfu” isn’t as filling because the “Tapalapa” which can preserve me going for the whole day, like a bowl of “Fufu”, which is the energiser for maximum Nigerians, Ghanaians and Sierra- Leoneans in The Gambia. The neighborhood “Fufu” unlike the ones determined in Ghana and Nigeria are crafted from “Saddam Rice”, as it’s far referred to as locally, by milling it into powder and cooked right into a strong paste in a pot. The most popular lunch meal, among Gambians, is the jollof rice, regionally called ” Benechin”. Different types of stew are organized to eat the rice meal like”Plasas”, “Super ganja”, “Damoda”,and so forth. I enjoy the Gambia breakfast meal of “Thura Girthe”, which may be very rich in protein. This is a combination of nicely pounded rice cooked with milled groundnut and eaten with an expansion of yogurt “Sour Milk”.

Gambians eat together. Small groups of between five-eight humans are commonly seen consuming from the equal bowl, and yet, while a vacationer seems, he or she is beakoned to nonetheless be part of them and proportion out of it. This is the actual love, i am yet to see everywhere. If you believe you studied there may be no unfastened meal anywhere, you’re incorrect; come to The Gambia! This provide an explanation for the purpose for extremely low or non-existent crime charge. At least, a lunch meal is guaranteed for all and sundry living in The Gambia. Food is shared, nobody goes home hungry. The ladies additionally waste a number of food by means of usually preparing a lot watching for visitors to join them while serving their food. They bundle the rice meals in huge huge bowls with a cowl and wrap it in a conventional manner with fabric, a good way to relaxed the food from spilling and bring to their husbands at their respective working places for them to consume with colleagues. Sometimes, they move tour long distances, to deliver the foods, like a family residing in Lamin and the husband working in Serrekunda.

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