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Know the differences between VOD, SVOD and TVOD, and their exact figures today

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Know the differences between VOD, SVOD and TVOD, and their exact figures today

The figures indicate that by 2023 there will be 48.24 million SVOD users in Latin America alone, doubling the figure registered during 2017. The video platforms OTT (Over-The-Top) are stronger competition for traditional media like television, not only for its low cost but because the content by betting, revolutionized the entertainment industry. We know that they consist of the transmission of audio, video, and other online content Belize Mobile Database without depending on the traditional operators in the control or distribution of the content. The number of OTT subscribers registered during 2012, 46 million subscribers globally, according to data from IHS Markit, projected by the specialized website, Statista. The same source projects that the number would rise to 650 million by 2021 . Within this type of content, there are three models: AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. The differences are clear between each one and also the position they occupy today, thanks to the figures.

This model refers to Advertising Video on Demand. The content is free, you do not have to pay for it, but in exchange the platform on which it is reproduced inserts advertising that the user must endure continuing with it. Advertising in AVOD can be pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll of the content, of a few seconds, and essential for the owner of the platform to continue providing the service. According to digital market figures, the number of video-on-demand users in the world will be around 1.484 million during 2023. The first thing that comes to Brother Cell Phone List mind is YouTube, the platform handles this model although it also offers its premium version to avoid this practice, which already enters the next aspect that we will present.YouTube received $ 15 billion in ad sales last year for its music and games business. The Subscription Video on Demand is what we mentioned about YouTube in its premium version, the viewer pays a monthly or annual fee and can play videos without advertising. Most offer a plus for the consumer to pay, not only the omission of advertising but premium content, premieres, exclusives, and downloads without the need for an Internet connection.

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The figures indicate that by 2023 there will be 48.24 million users in this way only in Latin America, doubling the figure registered during 2017, when there were 21.14 million. In this segment, the example to mention is Netflix, which leads it, as it has more than 100 million users globally, according to the latest figures from JPMorgan.This is Transactional Video on Demand, where the consumer pays only for what they want to see. The content is available while the event is taking place if it is life or during a period if it is something recorded. The figures show that monthly spending on pay-for-rent video services in North America as of the third quarter of 2017 saw 11 percent of respondents saying they were spending between $ 9 and $ 11 per month. Pay-per-view is common on platforms such as Amazon, although it has turned its system upside down, putting itself face to face with giants like Netflix. Many like Hulu offer a mix of these models. In fact, we recently reported that Amazon would fully enter the video advertising segment and its share of digital advertising would increase to 8.8 percent during 2019, compared to 6.8 percent in 2018, according to with eMarketer.

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