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Keichi the Spider Monkey Meets the Bald Eagle

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Keichi the Spider Monkey Meets the Bald Eagle

The jungle is always alive with many distinctive sounds hrconnection giant eagle. There are chewing and cracking of bones via large cats, chirping of myriads of birds, screams of the eagle, the roar of lions, the slithering of reptiles, the squawking of parrots, the humming of insects and the “WHOOP! WHOOP!” of the male monkeys. They jump up and down shaking the branches or swing like pro acrobats thru the treetops as they make an OOK-BRAK sound to scare away any predators.

The flora is luscious and inexperienced. Vines creep silently winding their way from bottom to top entangling sizeable areas so absolutely best the natural world dare to call this tropical woodland domestic. Flowers bloom with such uncommon splendor yet they’re frequently most effective seen by means of folks that stay there. Human eyes seldom see them open and close to natures personal time clock hrconnection giant eagle.

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Mushrooms of red, yellow, brown and orange push their way up thru the moist earth to feature a dash of coloration to the lower regions providing meals to a few. Deep rivers and shallow streams are home to fish, reptiles, and individual creatures nonetheless hidden from guy. The rains come and pass at will. The sun gives its light so all styles of existence can multiply and keep to become a part of the circle of lifestyles hrconnection giant eagle.

High in the treetops in a completely thick secluded area lives a troop of twenty-5 or more monkeys. They call themselves a circle of relatives just like yours and mine. Mothers watch over the young toddlers protective them from different types of lifestyles who goal the helpless as easy meals hrconnection giant eagle.

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It is here that one unique spider monkey lives. His call is Keichi and he’s just considered one of loads of spider monkeys within the jungle. He loves to expose off his skills to all and sundry at any time. He swings thru the bushes grabbing department after department as his long tail curls around them to guarantee his protection. Often times he swings with the aid of his tail most effective in order that his toes and fingers are free to consume the culmination and green soft leaves. He moves as fast because the human eye can see and is as sure-footed as any animal hrconnection giant eagle.

Keichi has seen a lot in his existence each true and awful. His one desire in lifestyles is to hold his circle of relatives secure. In order to defend the child monkeys he needs to be strong and wise. He desires to examine from all the tales the vintage monkeys inform and he would not thoughts how lengthy it takes or how tough it would turn out to be. He is conscious that that allows you to be the very great protector he will ought to be diligent, looking and listening to the ones who have skilled some distance more than he has. Some of the older monkeys have lived up to fifty years inside the wild and that they have masses of backbone chilling stories to inform hrconnection giant eagle.

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