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Instagram launches interactive ads in Stories: What you need to know

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Instagram launches interactive ads in Stories: What you need to know

Instagram announced from its official blog the launch of interactive ads for Stories, which promises to be an allied tool for brands. Instagram continues on its way to consolidating itself as one of the great advertising platforms, with which it has now announced a new ad format that intends to capitalize even better on its Stories function. .Currently, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, with an average of 206 minutes per month on the Argentina Mobile Database platform, with which the advertising revenue of the platform will go from the 4.1 billion dollars projected at the end of 2017 to 10.87 billion dollars during 2019, according to data from eMarketer.Among brands, the use of Stories has become popular to connect with their target audiences due to the frequency of use by subscribers. Data provided by the social network itself indicates that 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day, with which it is estimated that advertising this content format could generate more than 2,000 million dollars according to data from Nomura.

Interactive Ads in Stories: What are they about? To provide brands with new formats to optimize their communication actions, Instagram announced from its official blog the launch of interactive ads for Stories, from where they invited companies to “connect with audiences beyond their followers using interactive elements in Ads in Stories, starting with the survey sticker ”.In this way, from now on, the brands that use the ads in Stories will have Brother Cell Phone List access to the survey sticker, with which the two-way conversation with the audiences will benefit. That way, advertisers can go to the ad manager, select Instagram Stories, and check the “Add an interactive poll” box when uploading their creative and editing the text. In addition to knowing first-hand the opinions of the followers, this new tool promises to optimize the investments made in the platform, thanks to the fact that the resource has been shown to improve the retention rates of the audiences in the ads.

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In three basic points, it is possible to define the advantages that, according to the service owned by Facebook, can be achieved with this new tool. More time with the user: In 9 out of 10 campaigns in the beta phase, the survey sticker increased video views by 3 seconds. Higher cost-per-view performance: Dunkin ‘, the brand with which this feature was tested, achieved a 20 percent reduction in the cost-per-view video when using the survey sticker. Better conversion guarantees: Next Games, another of the firms that participated in the testing phase, produced 40 percent more app installs. With this new format, Instagram tries to position itself as an ally of brands in their task of establishing more interactive conversations with their target audiences. It is a movement that seeks to capitalize on a trend that was already visible within its service. According to his estimates, 60 percent of businesses on Instagram use an interactive element, such as locations, @mentions, and polls every month. Now it is up to brands to find the best way to capitalize on this resource that, if used strategically creatively, could deliver results that go beyond the permanence of audiences in an ad.

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