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How to improve results with Facebook advertising?

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How to improve results with Facebook advertising?

6 million monthly advertisers is a number that may not be significant on Facebook if we consider that in this space there are more than 2.3 billion monthly active users, according to Zephoria data, however, the number represents how competitive the scenario can be for brands that seek results through advertising, therefore, in this post, we share some keys that can be of great help to improve the results of advertising with Facebook. How to improve the results of advertising on Facebook? As shared by the SEMRush platform, these are 5 methods that can greatly help you improve your Facebook advertising results: If you doubt having more budget for advertising on Facebook is an advantage for every brand, especially now where the scenario is more competitive, things are more expensive and the algorithm has limited more organic reach, however, having more Portugal Mobile Database budget does not mean precisely that you will have better results. Although it seems logical that to have better results you need more budget, this is something that can only happen if you manage resources wisely. Brands should avoid spending large sums of money in an inconsiderate way hoping to obtain results that are at the height of that investment, you should know that Facebook optimizes ad sets over time, so ads sometimes improve their performance as the market progresses. weather. If you allocate a lot of money very quickly, you can cause the algorithm to not help you and the return on investment of advertising to completely fall. Managing the budget and increasing it intelligently means that you must make sure that the ad will continue to generate a good return on investment as you increase the budget,

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For this you must moderately increase the expense, as we already mentioned, do it quickly or it will put efforts down. To deal with this point, in the ad manager go to your ad set, then in the edit option, and from there go to the budget setting section. In this space, you can increase the percentage of the budget, but keep in mind that it is not recommended to increase it by more than 20 percent per day and that once you increase the percentage you should observe the continuous performance of the ads. Surely you already know, but if not, you must consider that when using the advertising platform on Facebook, the Ads Manager, you have access to a lot of information, which can help you improve the results of your campaigns, in this particular case is the Brother Cell Phone List Insights section where you will find what can help you improve the scope of the campaigns to reach a wider group of potential consumers. To get there and take advantage of this recommendation, you must click on “Audience Insights” (or the equivalent text in Spanish that is Audience Statistics) and enter the details of the personalized audience for the ad you want to improve. The information you enter here will allow you to target your ads to people with certain interests. Within this same platform, the “Page Likes” section of the audience can be considered a gold mine to define new audiences that may be interested in your ads. The third recommendation to improve advertising on Facebook is to let the ad platform do part of the work, for this, you must work with audiences or similar audiences.

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By using the Facebook pixel to track the tasks that users perform on your site after they have interacted with your ads, Facebook automatically analyzes data about their activity and then creates broader audiences based on recorded actions. To create custom audiences, in the audiences section you must click on the option that says “Create a custom audience” (or the equivalent). In this space, you should start with the selection of the strongest public, which can be chosen taking as a reference those who buy, those who download apps, or visitors to the website. Then you will have to upload the data so that Facebook can compare it with similar profiles within the platform. From there you must establish the size of the audience which will define the scope of the publication, ideally, that size should not exceed 10 percent because as the quality of the audience increases it decreases and the chances of generating good results will be less. Without a doubt, taking things to an international level may be something that not many firms think of at first, especially when developing advertising on Facebook, however, it is an important opportunity that all companies have. companies thanks to the world of social networks, with them distances have been shortened and scaling things has become easier.The idea at this point is to look for opportunities in countries that speak the same language, for example, if the brand is in Mexico you can expand the audience of your campaigns to Spanish-speaking regions, such as Colombia, Argentina, Spain, among.

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