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From followers on Instagram to clients: 3 tips to achieve it

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From followers on Instagram to clients: 3 tips to achieve it

Currently, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, with an average of 206 minutes per month on the platform, with which the platform’s advertising revenue will go from the 4.1 billion dollars projected at the end of 2017 to 10.87 billion dollars. dollars during 2019, according to data from eMarketer.These numbers make it clear that Lebanon Mobile Database Instagram has become the new great advertising platform, largely driven by influencer marketing actions. As the use of Instagram grows, the demands of business leaders to see business results will be greater. In fact, in general terms, this is a reality for CEOs who understand that it is increasingly important to justify each investment with tangible business results.

Just recognize that business leaders believe their CMO’s priorities should be revenue growth 95 percent of the time; gross margin by 51 percent; and a market share of 49 percent of the time.With this in mind, now it is not enough to have a large number of followers on Instagram; the challenge will be to convert this base of followers into real customers for the brands. Thus, HubSpot shares three key aspects to convert followers into customers of a company:Instagram is a visual social network and more than one execution shows that advertising understands this principle well. However, it is not enough to share a beautiful photo, it must have a description that is creative and includes calls to action. The recommendation is to include up to 4 hashtags to improve the chances of success. Shadowban is a process by which content is blocked on Brother Cell Phone List social networks without users (or in this case, brands) noticing. In this way, in an Instagram account, the content will not appear in the latest news section unless the users are already your followers, which will lower your notoriety. This measure, although not officially recognized, is applied both to accounts that do not meet the conditions of use and to those that use illegitimate methods to increase their number of followers. At the end of last year, Instagram enabled the option to buy regular posts from business accounts. Thanks to this function, a product can be tagged in the same way that a user is mentioned, allowing users to complete the shopping journey without leaving the app.

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