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Create data-driven content: 6 key points you should know

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Create data-driven content: 6 key points you should know

Currently, it is unnecessary to talk about digital transformation and the use of data to make decisions. However, there is still one important point that marketers need to address today: How do you use audience information and data to drive and make content? The truth is that today’s marketers have a more challenging job. By having more digital channels, the actions and movements of specialists have diversified significantly. And at the same time, the same forks have made the effort not solely focus on social, because digital marketing has also transformed. Therefore, the performance of specialists is to develop in a constantly changing environment. And with so much content being released to reach people, the response to your work needs to be more immediate and timely. Audiences have become powerful. They no longer wait for brands to reach out to them with authentic, engaging, and personalized content, but instead, look for it directly. In this way, how audiences interact with said content causes behavior patterns to be modified, transforming business strategy organically from different sides, taking advantage of social networks as a source of information.

Audience expectations are changing the way companies are engaging with consumers. Getting their attention becomes more complex. Despite the data that supports the strategies, there are always considerations that completely change the landscape. For example, according to the Pew Research Center, 26 percent of adults are browsing digital channels. They are part of an audience that only seeks interaction with the first pages of search results ( 95 percent of people ). So if the results of the content go beyond the first options, the content will be ignored by most of them. From there comes the value and importance of the data. Many marketers Oman Mobile Database take advantage of this information to address consumer perceptions with an analysis that pretends to reach the correct objectives. However, it is at this point where it most fails. Without a complete understanding of the audience, only resources will be wasted, creating irrelevant messages for the wrong group of people. How to reach the public with more and more channels and content? As simple as it may sound, the answer is: be smart. Although the trick with this sentence is that it is easier said than done. To understand the audience, knowledge, and interpretation of data are required, as well as the implementation of the appropriate tools.

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According to Social Bakers, applying a “content intelligence” strategy means that marketers conclude from the actions that people take on the content (engagement, reactions, comments, etc.). This information has been helping marketers, guiding them on how to strategize. What is a fact is that specialists who work in digital for social media have to work smarter; they have to be agile in a world where audiences are a constantly moving target. The “content intelligence” ( Content Intelligence ) not only helps clarify and improve the way of making decisions but also predicts the results. In fact, it can help solve problems like: What audience Brother Cell Phone List will you speak to today? Knowing your audience is the most important pillar of content performance. Community activity reveals a way to serve them in a more timely manner, as it greatly helps align relevant content with what really interests them. What type of content will be shared on a certain day? Knowing the personality of your audience and their interests facilitates the creation of content and campaigns. This shows how to serve the consumer in the space and, more importantly, what content can be leveraged to inspire them to have more participation with the content that is made.

With a data-driven approach, content creation will be easier. When will content be published to reach the audience effectively? In life as in marketing, time is a great ally. In addition to knowing what type of content is going to be done, knowing when it should be published will set the tone for success. Due to the same situation, knowing when most of the audience is active and knowing how to interact with it is now more identifiable. Publishing at the right time will significantly increase your visibility and performance. Where is the target audience, what platforms are they using? The audience can be on a single platform or all of them. Here, the solution is to learn about which platform has the best engagement from the audience. However, knowing what content works does not mean that it works successfully on each platform. Although you learn a lot about what is working on different platforms, linking it with other social networks does not generate success. Therefore, it must be adapted to each platform to drive higher performance, with less effort.

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