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Alternative Fuel

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Alternative Fuel

Natural Gas- Sustainable Energy
Our center commercial enterprise is Smart Systems and Components for Sustainable Energy and Natural/Biogas, development until carrier and upkeep sri lanka mobile number details. Our own Technologies, state of the artwork. The CNG Motorcycle, CNG Motor, CNG refueling at domestic, CNG Cargo Container and priority Manifolds. Transfer era for natural gas programs. Development middle for additives and structures, herbal Gas and Biogas packages; precedence CNG bike (Convert and Retail) CNG stations manifolds, dryers, filters, connectors and extra. Pressure and Flow answers, additives, structures and manifolds. Mechnical and digital system answers


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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) marine transportation is poised to be a feasible strategy to convey herbal gas supplies to new markets or offer a solution for monetizing stranded gas. This is being pushed in huge component through high liquid gas electricity charges. CNG marine transport has a market area of interest among the volumes and distances that pipelines and LNG can economically transport. CNG Corporation’s Gas Mobility Module (GMM)1 a light-weight stress containership vessel, has been developed to specially cope with this marketplace. CNG marine transportation in large volumes isn’t always presently applied everywhere in the global, though bulk transport by truck is nicely validated. Due to the reluctance by way of many parties to be the ‘first mover’, CNG Corporation has launched into the development of a small, simple compression loaded barge based totally CNG marine transport undertaking that will offer a demonstration platform for the GMM generation. The small length and ensuing minimal capital outlay will offer a much wanted operating industrial scale model while minimizing the dangers and financing issues associated with many proposed big scale projects.This paper will present details of the mission, its improvement timetable and cope with the development process important to make CNG marine transportation a feasible truth.

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CNG shipping isn’t always new nor are the technology being introduced to CNG delivery, but what’s new is the utility of those technology right into a CNG marine primarily based system and the expanded volumes of CNG proposed to be transported. CNG Corp’s Gas Mobility Module (GMM) technology is well placed to grow to be the CNG shipping market chief because of the aggressive advantage of the light-weight GMM, commercial availability of the GMM product, CNG Shipping, CNG Supply, CNG Storage, CNG Retail Station and the proposal for mobility module of cng conversion for motor motors and motorcycles.

Natural gasoline Sources

Indonesia has almost one hundred ninety trillion cubic feet (TCF) of herbal gasoline reserves (tested and possibly), the 13th biggest in the international. In 2004, the us of a produced 3.03 trillion cubic toes (TCF) of gasoline, rating eighth in world gasoline manufacturing. Gas reserves are equal to almost 4 instances Indonesia’s oil reserves and might supply the united states of america for sixty two years at modern-day manufacturing charges. According to the analysis, over seventy one percent of herbal fuel reserves are placed offshore, with the most important reserves determined off Natuna Island (28.8 percent), East Kalimantan (25.2 percent), South Sumatra (13 percent) and Irian Jaya (12.8 percent). However, not all of those reserves are commercially viable, due to each the best of the fuel and the distance to marketplace.

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