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5 herramientas de marketing digital, para tener un poderoso CV

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5 herramientas de marketing digital, para tener un poderoso CV

Digital marketing is of great help in your professional activities and its usefulness is demonstrated in these five strategies applied to a CV.TechNavio estimates warn that by 2020, investment in digital marketing will reach $ 306 billion. Nowadays Spain Mobile Database it is impossible not to resort to widely tested and applied strategies in digital marketing campaigns, for the management of your talent and promotion of the professional profile you have. Five tools demonstrate the ability to apply digital marketing to create a powerful CV .

There are digital tools that help you tell your professional story creatively. Storybird is one of them. This platform uses illustrations to turn creative images into excellent scenes, so you can tell facts that have been relevant in your professional career. Flexo is one of the simplest platforms to build a bot, which helps you build a strategy in which your professional skills literally speak for themselves. There are various tools that allow you to turn your data into a successful big data strategy applied to your professional profile. With platforms such as Infogram, you have the possibility of turning various batteries of data into a creative presentation, since it allows you to transform hard data into simple illustrations that facilitate the Brother Cell Phone List presentation of your goals, a timeline of your professional career, and so on. One way to turn your simple business cards into a creative CV, when you unexpectedly managed to chat with a potential client or employer, is by adding a QR code to your cards. There are free platforms like QR-code-generator that help you create it. One way to take advantage of the maximum digital potential is through an App and there are tools like Ceev that help you turn your LinkedIn profile into a creative CV.

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