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3 curiosities about the Twitter logo that maybe you did not know

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3 curiosities about the Twitter logo that maybe you did not know

We share three curiosities about the lake on Twitter that maybe you did not know. For brands, creating a memorable logo is essential to improve their guarantees of success and companies like Twitter know this. In fact, when a brand image manages to be memorable it captures the attention of audiences 13 percent more than those whose background Luxembourg Mobile Database is only to inform, at the same time that they make consumers 7 percent more likely to know about a firm and 6 percent more to think that the brand has better levels of innovation than its competition, according to Siegel + Gale. The image of a bluebird is easily identifiable by most users. The vast majority of people know that it is one of the most important social networks in the world, which, although it has maintained extremely discreet growth levels,

Is an important reference point for current combination dynamics. Figures provided by the company itself indicate that, until the end of last year, the social network had 400 million users, who, according to an infographic signed by Lori Lewis, published 481 thousand tweets every minute. Both in online media and offline spaces, the logo of this social interaction platform is easily recognizable; however, in its origin, it contains some secrets that make the Brother Cell Phone List presence of the legendary bluebird mythical in almost all communication points in the world. Taking as reference information published by Fast Company, we share three curiosities about the lake from Twitter that perhaps you did not know: Martin Grasser, the designer behind the Twitter logo, worked for 7 years in the world of finance, before entering the world of design. After three years of earning her degree, she received a call to join a top-secret project at the West agency. Upon obtaining the job, he discovered that Twitter was the client and that the task was to bring the logo of the proposal to life on social media.

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The Twitter logo is inspired by a hummingbird, whose design process is more complex than it seems. To ensure symmetry and good proportions between the wings, chest, or head of the animal, Grasser drew it on 15 circles superimposed on top of each other, a methodology that, according to the designer, allows the human eye to keep proportions. After months of work, the designer chose 24 logo proposals – all represented by a bird – from Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. They were all similar; However, the leader of the social network had it clear “in two seconds” and the 5CS model was chosen to represent the social network to date.

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