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The impact of the Walking Dead terrifies social networks

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The impact of the Walking Dead terrifies social networks

The impact of series such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil or other graphic productions referring to the world of zombies tormented social networks this weekend, especially the citizens of Seattle in the United States, thanks to a video in which the “Zombie woman”.

“Zombie woman”, as internet users called her, terrorized millions of viewers thanks to its diffusion on social networks, this being a clear example of the Bahrain Email List impact of viral videos in the world, but is this part of a campaign of promotion? This is what is known so far.

The fact

The shocking images show a woman with walking problems and some injuries to her body, resembling an entity that comes back to life, screaming desperately, but the impressiveness of the “performance”, even managed to remove the video from TikTok, platform where it was disseminated.

As the woman walks with black marks around her mouth, white powder on her face and blood stains all over her body, and screaming: “I don’t want to go to the hospital” or “Don’t take my baby.”

The woman, who appears to be quite injured, was intersected by the police, to end up being placed on a stretcher and transferred to a place where it seems that she will be followed up or given medical care.

Real zombie or publicity stunt

After the dissemination of the scandalous images, millions of users have begun to create theories about the veracity of the case, as many believe that it could be a promotion for a movie or series, others are betting on a mental breakdown, use of drugs or even related to trafficking in women.

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So far, the Seattle Police Department has not ruled on the case, which causes more controversy about the situation and opens the uncertainty about what happened to that woman?

The zombie market

The fondness for zombies is not something that was born yesterday, however, keeping the public interested in the subject has been a work of years, mainly for the entertainment industry, which constantly seeks to create content related to these particular characters.

One of these cases is the successful The Walking Dead series, a post-apocalyptic horror series that just over ten years after being released, continues to be one of the public’s favorites.

A clear example of this is a recent Statistic Agency survey, in which the most popular television programs on Facebook were classified , according to their number of fans on the social network. In February 2021, the zombie drama mobile lead. The Walking Dead ranked seventh with 34.34 million followers on Facebook, making it the only series of the genre to rank.

The impact of social media on promotion

This would not be the first case in which a viral video or image is part of an advertising campaign for a brand or product, making it the same viewers who “organically” disseminate their images without the need to invest more than in create a scene.

In addition, in 2021 social networks have become a fundamental part for companies, or in their case film and television productions, to spread around the world as one of the most important channels to attract new consumers and entertain who are already loyal followers.

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