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Iron Man sends a peculiar message to Captain America and Marvel is the big winner

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Iron Man sends a peculiar message to Captain America and Marvel is the big winner

Although it is not known if with Avengers: Endgame the trend will break, what is clear is that the only winner in terms of engagement is Marvel. The Avengers franchise is perhaps the most lucrative product for Marvel and Disney right now. The superhero saga has left a substantial business for these production houses, which grows thanks to the peculiar marketing strategy behind each film, where actions like the one now starring Iron Man and Captain Russia Mobile Database America add up significantly. In principle, it is based on recognizing that as reported by Statista, the first 20 films related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English), have raised more than 18 billion dollars, only at the box office . The empathy that its characters have managed to generate with audiences has become a business asset that both the franchise actors and the production company itself have managed to capitalize on.

To give us an idea, it is enough to mention that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, over the last 10 years the franchise has become an empire that has profits close to 10 thousand 153 million dollars, that is, more than one billion per season. , only until the middle of last year. The great success behind these numbers has to do with a solid marketing campaign with Marvel that has managed to position not only its productions but also its characters on and off the screen, work that it has not done alone and that, In a big way, he owes a big thank you to the Brother Cell Phone List small but meaningful actions that the actors who bring their main superheroes to life take away from the set. This is demonstrated by a peculiar message published by Robert Downey Jr., who gives life to Iron Man, on his official Twitter account, through which he sent a message to Chris Evans, better known for his role as Captain America. The message is simple: “Best friends let you share their umbrella, right @ChrisEvans?”; What really caught the eye was the image that accompanied it,

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In which two action figures are shown starring in a curious scene that could well be part of one of the Marvel movies. The post was well-received by the followers, with what so far is more than 3.3 thousand messages, 49 thousand retweets, and just over 272 likes. The action has even more value when we consider that we are just over a month away from the premiere of the latest installment of The Avengers, where both Iron Man and Captain America promise to be key pieces for the outcome of a story that generates special commotion. This is not the first time that both actors establish a dialogue of this nature in social networks that manages to capture the attention of the audiences and, although it is not known if with the end of Avengers: Endgame the trend will break, which is clear is that the only winner in terms of engagement is Marvel.

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