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Ferrari CEO resigns: Louis Camille leaves company

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Ferrari CEO resigns: Louis Camille leaves company

One of the only good news the auto industry can deliver is the decline in car thefts, since in reality the sales figures are desperate. Production and exports fell in April and May of over 90 percent, the largest in history since there is a record. Ferrari is one of the most prominent companies in this area and not only had losses in sales and others, but in collaborators.

The luxury automaker announced the resignation of its CEO, Louis Camille, who took over in 2018 after the death of veteran CEO Sergio Marchioness, and who will also step down as president of Phillip Morris International, one of Ferrari’s main sponsors.

“I want to express our sincere thanks to Louis for his dedication as CEO since 2018 and as a member of the board of directors since 2015 Czech Republic Email Address. His passion for Ferrari has been unlimited and under his leadership the company has reaffirmed its position among the most important companies in the world. world, capitalizing on its unique tradition and pursuit of excellence, “said Balkan.

Upon assuming his position as CEO of Ferraro, Camille presented a plan that included reviving classic models equipped with Formula One technology and expanding the offering of hybrids to electric and gasoline.

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The manager would have left the company for personal reasons, a point that they tried to make clear, since there were rumors about a possible contagion. A person familiar with the matter said Camilleri had fallen ill and was convalescing at home after spending time in the hospital.

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“Ferrari has been a part of my life and serving as CEO has been a privilege. My admiration for the men and women of Maryellen for their passion and dedication in everything they do. I am proud of the achievements that the Company has achieved since 2018 and I am sure that the best years of Ferrari are yet to come, ”said the 65-year-old Italian manager.

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However, the automaker has confirmed that it is for personal reasons and that its current president, John Balkan, will hold the position of CEOL until a successor is named.

“Mr. Camille has informed the company today of his decision of him, for personal reasons, to withdraw with immediate effect from his position of him as executive director of the company as well as from the membership of the board of directors,” they indicated .
The figures for the automotive industry globally are notoriously down. In the luxury sector there is no exception, but most companies have kept their high-ranking collaborators, although now it can be seen that not all.

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