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AMLO asked the King of Spain and the Pope to apologize for the Conquest, what was the reaction on social networks?

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AMLO asked the King of Spain and the Pope to apologize for the Conquest, what was the reaction on social networks?

Through a video, the president indicated that he apologized to the King of Spain and the Pope, in addition to that he will also do so in 2021. During the afternoon of this Monday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador posted a video on social networks in which, within his message, he indicated that he asked the King of Spain as well as the Pope Bolivia Mobile Database to apologize for the acts carried out in the national territory during the Conquer time. The content was recorded in the archaeological zone of Comalcalco in Tabasco .” Many arbitrary acts were committed, the peoples who inhabited what we now know as America were subjected to, the entire continent, new, recently discovered, it was an invasion.” the president specified.

Likewise, within the video graphics material with a duration of more than 6 minutes, which has around 400 thousand reproductions until the moment of publication, more than 26 thousand reactions as well as more than 4 thousand 500 comments.“I sent a letter to the King of Spain and another letter to the Pope for an account of grievances to be made and for forgiveness from native peoples for the violations of what is now known as human rights. There Brother Cell Phone List were massacres, impositions, the so-called Conquest was made with the sword and the cross, ”López Obrador explained. Similarly, the president said that he will also apologize for the year 2021, the date on which 500 years of the time of the conquest in the country will be commemorated, the time for which the celebrations of the bicentennial of Independence and which will also be the year of “historical reconciliation.”

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After this content that quickly drew the attention of the media and users to such a degree that it became a trend, the responses from the president’s followers on Facebook were mostly positive, among which knowledge of history and the first direct comparison was made with the past administration of Enrique Peña Nieto. In turn, another factor that stood out was the fact that there was an endless number of emoticons, which raised doubts from other users who described the majority of positive responses as bots .Meanwhile, on Twitter the division of opinions did not wait since the official response of the government of Spain was barely released, the mockery began to be the majority on this platform.

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